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Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology is the only technological university in Estonia and the flagship of Estonian engineering and technical education. This is the place where synergy between different fields (technological, natural, exact, social and health sciences) is established.

Tallinn University of Technology is a technical university of international scope that provides high-level research education in engineering, natural and social sciences, is tightly integrated with international cooperation networks and projects, participates actively in creating the European higher education and research area and is attractive among international students as well as international teaching staff and researchers.

Tallinn University of Technology cooperates with the top 10 universities of the world (Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, etc.) In addition to that, there is cooperation and agreements with the leading universities in Europe and Asia. Tallinn University of Technology has cooperation agreements with 40 universities from Europe, Asia and America.

The main aim of Tallinn University of Technology is to increase the international dimension in its studies, research and development activities in cooperation with the foreign universities. The main emphasis is on the development of curricula, including joint curricula, exchange and development of students and employees (ERASMUS), joint research and development projects, etc. Tallinn University of Technology has currently 18 international programmes.



Tallinn University of Technology provides opportunities for continuing education in all subjects taught at the university and in the related fields.

Continuing education includes:

  • Continuing professional education – refresher courses and seminars evaluated with university credit points.
  • Individual self-improvement programmes – great opportunity for self-education and requalification.
  • Tailor-made courses – training programmes that take into account client’s individual background and specific needs. Great opportunity to develop your staff.
  • Continuing education based on requirements for professional qualifications in the field of technology – training courses serving as a prerequisite to apply for professional recognition.

Continuing education activities are coordinated by the Open University of Tallinn Univesity of Technology.

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Hanno Tomberg
Head of Open University
+372 620 3605